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Street Level Advertising Services

Our core product, known as wildposting, has consistently delivered memorable street level impressions in all key urban centres in both Canada and the U.S. for over 30 years.

Grassroots is also the one-stop shop for new media options including: Projection Media, Mobile Billboards, Street Teams, Experiential Concepts, PR Stunts, Street Frames, Food Trucks, Sampling, Gamification and more.

If you are looking for a creative street marketing campaign – from tried and true to never been done – we are the provider for you.

Take a look at these photos of past campaigns to get a better idea of what we do.

our work

Projection Advertising

Projection advertising features massive displays inside or outside commercial...

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Backpack Billboards - Ghost Protocol - Toronto

Backpack Billboards

The essential strategic tool for reaching crowds at busy public events - they...

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Experiential - Emergen-C - Toronto

Experiential Advertising

Let Grassroots help you to reach out and connect with your audience in a...

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Mini Monster - Rickard's Shandy - Toronto

Wild Posting Advertising

Wild posting is a form of advertising where static posters are placed in a...

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GRPic - MC CIDER - TORONTO - JUNE 27 2014 (442 BLOOR ST.)-08

Outdoor Projection Advertising Services

Our award winning Wall Projection Media brings full motion and...

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Indoor Advertising & Marketing

Make an inside move to our network of over 1,500 prime retail establishments...

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9 Scollard St 3

Smart Poster Street Frames

Big Impact at Point of Purchase Grassroots Street Frames are “24 x 36”...

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Bosch Exterior

Mobile Billboard Vehicle

From glass walled showcase tracks that allow for live displays and...

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Chalk Art Advertising

Get your message on the streets! Chalk art can range from a simple logo to...

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Stencils & Street Wash

Get your message on the street! Stencils and Street Wash are great tools for...

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Duff Mall 2

Street Team Advertising & Sampling

Nothing will ever replace human interaction. We offer: street sampling, human...

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Cling-Alls Advertising

When you want your message everywhere, Cling-Alls use a lightweight material...

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