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Wild Posting Advertising

Wildposting is a widely accepted and rather inexpensive form of advertising with a high degree of exposure from the placement of multiple postings on different places to draw maximum attention. The posters are typically placed in dense, urban areas where they can encourage consumer interaction with the media by dominating the display.

Grassroots Advertising is an industry leader in wildposting services with three decades of experience in guerrilla marketing, offering street level poster advertising on construction sites, vacant lots, and permitted boards. Basically, you get the whole wildposting package, which includes printing, posting, and maintenance for your posting campaign.

Services offered

There are two categories for wildposting, namely:

Traditional campaigns: Where posters are placed on a pool of barricades and/or boards shared with other advertisers. This option usually involves the placement of at least two posters per board. Traditional barricade wildposting is preferred for its flexibility, cost effectiveness, speedy turnaround, and great coverage.

Dedicated campaigns: These refer to postings on boards that have been identified in advance and dedicated to only one advertiser, so they own the board. Dedicated locations are just as popular as traditional campaigns because they are high profile, target specific, and cost effective.

For a campaign that is completely out of the box, many barricades are capable of accommodating custom, interactive installations for your next buzz worthy campaign.

How Wildposting Can Help Your Marketing

Wildposting isn’t just good for getting the attention of passersby; the long-term effects it has for your business are extensive and a majority of their effectiveness is overlooked in the initial planning phase. However, the full scale of these benefits are worth noting before you even begin your campaign:

  1. Promoting new products/services – An extensive wildposting campaign can be executed when launching or promoting a product or service, whereby posters with your brand’s creative are placed in a number of high traffic locations to raise awareness and ensure that your brand is top-of-mind among passersby.
  2. Raising brand awareness – The idea is to apply numerous posters across tens of strategically selected walls to create an impact in high traffic areas. The posters grouped together, at every corner, attract lots of attention, getting hundreds of thousands of impressions for your brand.
  3. Promoting events – Custom wildposting campaigns can also be used to promote concerts, shopping events, and generally all sorts of public events. The customized posters can feature a special QR code that users snap and receive information about the event. This will not only make for a successful wildposting campaign, but it will also drive people to your website, which can educate them on your other events, products, or services.

The main goal of wildposting is to create a higher reach of advertising and marketing campaigns by increasing awareness of your brand in urban, hip, trendy, and high traffic neighbourhoods. With access to hundreds of street bulletins, Grassroots Advertising gives you the opportunity to display your poster advertisements in appealing framed panels.

With the combination of traditional and dedicated layouts, you can bolster your reach and frequency using traditional wildposting campaigns, and at the same time, dominate a specific area and maximize your creativity and presence with dedicated wildposting.

wildposting Formats:
Off the Wall

From 3d displays to takeaways – Grassroots is all about realizing your creative concepts and we are always ready to brainstorm with you!

Award Winning Campaigns

Here are some examples of our award winning executions.

IKEA Moving Day

IKEA Moving Day

Bronze Lion: Cannes Media Lions Festival Silver – Media Innovation Awards Gold – Atomic and Effie Awards...

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Volkswagen Canada and Red Urban “Jetta GLI – Art Heist”

Volkswagen Canada and Red Urban “Jetta GLI – Art Heist”

2012 MIA Gold: OOH Ambient / Placed Based Media – Large Scale (Traditional)...

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Corona: Day of the Dead Tearaway

Corona: Day of the Dead Tearaway

2014 Media Innovation Award: Best In Fast Moving Consumer Goods Tear pads (25 posters per pad) posted overtop...

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Sculpture Biennale (2006)

Sculpture Biennale (2006)

Lotus Awards - BC, Best of Show, Best non-traditional guerilla, 2007 Gold Clio – Innovative Media...

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Doritos Collisions

Doritos Collisions

2008 MIA awards: Best of Show, and Gold MIA's in OOH and Youth Categories...

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