Mar 2019

Staff Picks 2018

Every year, the Grassroots staff does a round-up of our favorite campaigns from the previous year. 2018 was a very busy and successful year that was full of amazing clients and creative campaigns.  Here are our favorite campaigns of 2018… G-Adventures Mural I loved how the mural had a very positive message and an interactive element. Mike, VP of Sales and Operations FILA Europe Campaign Grassroots enters the European market for FILA with wildposting distributions in Amsterdam, Berlin, London & Paris. Favorite of Lynne (Business Manager) and Kelly (Operations Manager) Tie between DAZN Mini Monsters & Leafy Mini Monsters Both…

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Grassroots Top Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns Blog Post
6 Mar 2019
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Grassroots’ Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns take consumers by surprise, make a bold statement and are memorable. They are also extremely fun to execute, have a high return on investment and represent brands in an exceptionally positive light. Grassroots has been in the guerrilla marketing business for over 35 years, so we’ve rolled out numerous outstanding and timeless campaigns. Let’s look at the best guerrilla marketing campaigns we have launched. Malibu Rum Guerrilla…

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