FILA Campaigns

Grassroots is committed to creating everyone’s dream campaigns in their dream locations.

We recently worked with FILA North America to endorse three FILA campaigns in Europe and United States. We provided Wildposting® services for FILA in NYC, Atlanta, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and London.  In NYC, the Bandier campaign was conducted which represents FILA’s limited-edition clothing line tailored towards females. FILA and ALIFE collaborated to create a new street-style unisex shoe called Disruptor 2 which was endorsed on posters in Atlanta. The FILA ALIFE shoe campaign was also promoted throughout Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and London.

We are thrilled to have successfully launched these exciting FILA campaigns. We plan on continuing to expand to European and American markets and conducting many more global promotions.

Grassroots is moving around the world one Wildposting® at a time!


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