Campaign Pictures of Mobile Billboards, Human Billboards and Projections

A huge problem with many advertising mediums is that they can easily be tuned out or turned off. So much time and effort can go into creating an exceptional campaign that doesn’t even end up reaching your target market. Another issue is that advertising costs money so its essential to spend your finances on methods that actually work and produce the best results.

A major advantage of out of home advertising is that it cannot be turned off and it can directly reach individuals.  Here are 3 extraordinary out of home advertising methods that will make your message stand out while creating positive impressions.

Human Billboard Advertising

Human Billboard Advertising is when someone applies an advertisement onto themselves. This includes holding a sign, having ads on clothing and/or wearing an item with ads such as a backpack. A major benefit of human billboards is that you can walk your ad to your target market and you can enter places where other ad forms may not be allowed. You have the flexibility to choose any locations, venues and/or events that your customers will be at. Backlit billboards are also available which can be used for night time events such as concerts.

Backpack billboards promoted Skip the Dishes at the Vancouver Pride Parade and the backlit component made their messages visible all night long.

Skip the Dishes Human Billboard Campaign

Human billboards are an extremely cost-effective way to advertise since they can reach and interact with enormous crowds plus they cost less than many other advertising approaches.

Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Mobile Vehicle Advertising is when trucks that are decorated with advertisements drive around and/or park in predetermined areas. This includes mobile billboards with static graphics, digital billboards with motion graphics, food trucks and demo trucks. With mobile vehicle advertising, you can bring your message to your target market and you can promote in areas where other media cannot reach. Backlight mobile displays are also available which will make your message visible at night. Mobile advertising is the perfect way to reach smaller markets that do not have a lot of outdoor marketing options.

One of our mobile display trucks transformed into a Heineken mobile stage and it targeted the club crowd by parking outside of various bars.

Heineken Mobile Vehicle Campaign

Projection Advertising

Projection Advertising is when a static or motion graphic is displayed on a surface such as a building wall. With projections, you have the freedom to choose the location and timing of your campaign. You can target specific events and venues and display images in unpredictable locations.

We ran a projection campaign for AMEX during Nuit Blanche which had a photo booth for passerby to take pictures in which were then projected onto the wall as part of the AMEX creative.

AMEX Projection Campaign

The most valuable benefit about these mediums is how they can directly deliver your ads to the places you want it to be at the exact time you want it there. These tactics will bring your incredible ideas to life while ensuring that your message is perceived.

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