Trends That Are Changing Outdoor Advertising

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is an effective tool to ensure that your ad gets seen by everybody. Outdoor advertising has seen many changes over the years with more to come. Watch out for these upcoming trends so you don’t miss out on the biggest audience your brand may ever see.

Make WiFi work for you

Before, if you wanted WiFi while you were walking down the street, you had to duck into your nearest Starbucks and hope for the best. Nowadays, free WiFi hotspots are popping up across the nation. Interactive ads that require WiFi to unlock secret passwords and QR codes elicit a direct response from your audience. Look for ads that feature strong call to actions requiring a quick scan or an in-the-moment click to sign up for a service. These ads will need to be placed near a WiFi hotspot for now but in the future the whole planet may be a WiFi hotspot. Who knows?

Ads made smarter

With all the technology around today, it’s no wonder the ad mediums themselves are getting smarter. Soon we’ll be creating ads that’ll be able to tell you exactly who’s looking at them and when. Electronic billboards won’t come equipped with facial recognition but they’ll have sensors and built-in detectors that’ll relay information back to you whenever you need it. You’ll be able to know at which times your ad gets the most traffic and how long someone pauses in front of it to take in the information.

OOH advertising provides you with a way to showcase your product easily at a reasonable price. With new technologies readily available to be incorporated into the ads themselves, we may just see outdoor advertising become the most reliable form of promotion yet.

Digital screens are here to stay

Digital screens aren’t a passing fad. They’re here, they’re LED, and you better start taking advantage of them to extend your ad’s reach. In fact, the number of digital screens will grow in the future because they are easy to produce. Digital screens have seen a dip in their production costs so much so that they may become the visual norm for billboards in the next couple of years. Plus, digital ad screens are crisp and can feature moving graphics and animation, which unfortunately can’t be found on a static billboard. You can even use digital screens to display more than one ad and have it change on a timer.

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