5 tips for choosing advertisement colors

Colors add style, energy, and pizzazz to advertisements. Colors influence whether an advertisement is perceived, the emotions people experience, and the level of engagement.

However, not all colors look appealing together. The colors you choose can either enhance your advertisement or take away from it. Thus, thought and time should be put into choosing colors that deliver your message in a pleasant and attention-grabbing way.

Here are our tips for choosing advertisement colors…

Color Psychology

When someone looks at your advertisement, what emotions do you want them to feel? Do you want them to feel safe, happy, excited?

Whatever feeling you want to portray; color can help achieve it.

Colors elicit different emotions and feelings. For example, blue evokes feelings of calmness while orange elicits happiness.  Thus, its essential to understand the emotions each color stimulates so you can choose advertisement colors that will help enhance your message.

Color Psychology Infographic

Adobe Color Wheel

Adobe has a color wheel that is extremely useful for choosing colors. You can drag the pointer to the color you like, and it will show you 4 colors that go well with it. You can change the color mode and color harmony to best meet your preferences. For instance, you can change the color mode to analogous, monochromatic, traid etc. You can also explore color combinations that adobe has already created.

Adobe Color Wheel

Contrasting Colors

Contrast is how one color differs from another. If there is high contrast between colors, then the colors can easily be distinguished from each other. To ensure your advertisement content is legible, the text color and background color should be contrasting colors.

Contrast also snatches attention and makes advertisements stand out. For instance, the wildpostings below use contrasting colors which not only looks visually appealing, but it causes the wildpostings to stand out.

Contrasting Wildpostings

Adobe Illustrator – Recolor Tool  

If you are creating a design in Adobe Illustrator, the recolor tool is extremely helpful for trying out several colors. If you select your design, then press the recolor button, a dialog box will pop up and allow you to change all the colors in the design. Not only can you easily change the design color but there are options to randomly change the color order or randomly change the saturation/brightness. This way you can quickly flip through different color combinations to see which one catches your eye.

Adobe Illustrator Recolor Tool

Color Combination Blogs

If you’re still having difficulty choosing colors, then check out color combination posts. There are a tremendous number of blogs that just have lists of pleasing color combinations.

Below is a list of some blog posts to help you get started. But just googling color combinations will also show you a load of options.

Inspirational Color Combination Blogs


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