Jan 2017

Heineken City Canvas

Our annual round-up of staff favourites from the past year. Bring on 2017!

Tie between Wealthsimple Monsters & Bacardi Interactive Projections: Wealthsimple had a simple, colourful design and two big Monster campaigns. Bacardi projections were tons of fun and the reception was great.

– Jeffery, National Account Executive, Arts & Culture

Bacardi Projections and Wealthsimple Wildpostings

2 Oceans Interactive Projections: Street team + Jazzfest + take home picture = success.

– Corey, Projection Operations

2 Oceans Interactive Projections

Tie between Red Bull Music Academy Wildpostings (MTL) & Tourisme Montréal’s “Sorry” Wildpostings (TO): For the Red Bull Music Academy, the city of Montréal was taken over by dozens of colourful creatives to promote the cultural events coinciding with the Academy’s residency in the city of love. For Tourisme Montréal’s “Sorry” campaign, the city of Toronto was blanketed in apologies.

– John, National Account Executive

Red Bull Music Academy and Tourisme Montreal Wildpostings

Tie between NBA All Star-Game, Frank + Oak, & Heineken “City Canvas” Wildpostings: Big ticket items with multiple creatives.

– Kelly, Operations Manager

NBA All Star, Heineken Groove Can and Frank and Oak Wildpostings

Tie between Nordstrom Flower Truck, TopShop Ball Pit & Foodora Food Truck: I love the experiential campaigns because the engagement creates a lasting memory with the brand.

– Mike, General Sales Manager

Nordstrom Flower Truck, Top Shop Ball Pit and Foodora Food Truck

Nordstrom Hot Cocoa Truck: Who doesn’t like hot cocoa and cookies!

– Lynne, Business Manager

Nordstrom Hot Cocoa Truck

Letterkenny Wildpostings: Work, Fun & Relax! This is what makes life worthwhile.

– Bill, Warehouse Manager

Letterkenny Wildpostings

CBC Tragically Hip Wildpostings: CBC’s creative featured a tear-away poster; a really nice way to give residents of Toronto & Vancouver a memento of this historic Canadian moment!

– Vanessa, Operations Coordinator

CBC Tragically Hip Wildpostings


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