street advertising solutions for summer 2020

Spread to your city that you are back in business with Street Advertising.

We are all adjusting and adapting to the new normal. Summer may be very different from what we are used to, but people are thinking of creative ways to carry on traditional summer activities or inventing new ones. We are starting to see encouraging signs with many businesses reopening and Street Advertising is the perfect way to let people know you’ve reopened.

Street Advertising uses eccentric marketing methods to promote products or services on the street. You can bring your message directly to everyday people and stand out from their regular routines. Street marketing is customizable, personalized and targeted. When planning a street advertising campaign, you have creative freedom and do not have to follow set rules.

Street Advertising builds brand awareness, generates buzz and leads to word of mouth marketing. It is viewed by even the hardest to reach consumers and cannot be switched off.

Street Marketing is also tremendously cost-effective since thousands of people can be reached in a short time period.

Here are our Street Advertising possibilities for summer 2020…


Let your customers know you’ve reopened by Wildposting your city.

Wildpostings are an excellent way to communicate your message to multiple markets. With Wildpostings, you can target several neighborhoods, areas and/or cities for a low cost. Wildpostings are visible for the entire campaign duration and we constantly maintain them to ensure they are in pristine condition.

We offer varying sizes of Wildpostings to best meet your needs. You also have the option of attaching 3D objects to the Wildpostings to make them stand out more.

Street Frames

Now that stores are reopening, Street Frames are an excellent channel to get your message across. Street Frames are eye-catching, inexpensive, and they build brand recognition.

Our Street Frames are 24” by 36” framed posters situated on the outside of variety, retail or convenience stores. Not only do the people going into stores notice the Street Frames, but so do the people walking by the stores.

Street Frames are suitable for any product or service, but they are especially effective for consumer-packaged goods. Street Frames influence point of purchase and can lead to impulse purchases.


Murals get your message across while beautifying neighborhoods.

A Mural is art that is painted on a ceiling, bridge or wall. Murals snatch attention since they are gigantic, aesthetically pleasing, and usually bordered by plain brick. Murals are sensational at portraying passions, social issues, events and brands.

Our Murals are painted in busy areas with high foot and car traffic to obtain maximum exposure. By utilizing a hashtag in the Mural, you can also link it to social media which will increase exposure and buzz even more.

Mobile Billboards  

We can drive city to city promoting your brand.

With Mobile Billboards, you can showcase your brand wherever and whenever you want. Mobile billboards are impossible to ignore since they are enormous and stand out compared to all the other cars on the road. We can drive along high-traffic streets or park in popular areas.

Mobile Billboards allow you to bring your message directly to your customers. We can target multiple markets in one activation.


If you are a business that has recently reopened, Stencils are a superb way to welcome your customers. We could install Stencils leading to your store, restaurant or business.

Stencils are formed by putting a sheet with cut-out letters and/or patterns on the pavement and applying chalk to the cut-out design. Stencils are memorable and snatch attention since people are used to staring at plain pavement below them.

Chalk Art

Chalk Art is art illustrated on the street using chalk as the drawing utensil. Like murals, Chalk Art adds charm and character to communities. Chalk Art also allows for great photo opportunities and employing a hashtag in the design can connect it to social media.


Another Street Marketing medium that will deliver your message in a unique way is Projections. Projections are static clips or video snippets projected on a building wall. Projections catch consumers by surprise and can be viewed all night long. We could even project your message on the side of your store building to emphasize your reopening.

We’ve successfully been bringing brands to the streets for over 35 years. With Street Advertising, you can interact with consumers in a safe but memorable and personal way. Celebrate your reopening with Street Advertising!

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