5 ways to bring your wild postings to the next level

All advertising campaigns share a common goal which is to be perceived. An advantage wild postings have over other advertising mediums is that they are visible for the entire campaign duration and they cannot be switched off. However, people are constantly bombarded with advertisements, so 24/7 visibility does not guarantee actual observation. Consequently, steps should be taken to create wild postings that stand out and grab attention.

Here are our recommendations for how to bring your wild postings to the next level.

Wild Postings – Design

Numerous design principles can be manipulated to create eye-catching wild postings. Visual interest can be formed with contrasting elements, negative space, emphasis, shapes, vibrant colors, and spacing. Layering can also be used to create depth and dimension.

With typography it can be very tempting to use unique fonts, but we highly suggest using clear and legible fonts for wild postings since people are on the move while viewing them. You should also aim to say more using less. Try to exclude irrelevant items because people will most likely not read a wild posting if it is crammed with information. We also advise including images due to the fact that the brain processes images 60,000 times more rapidly than text (Piktochart).

We also suggest creating a wild posting that is consistent with your brand so people will recognize it instantly. For example, use your brand’s font and colors in the design.

Wild Postings – Size

The larger your wild postings, the larger you can make the elements on it. This leads to people being able to see and even read your wild postings from further distances.

The biggest wild posting size we offer is a Domination. It is 40 ft of captivation and usually takes up the entire board.

Domination Wild Posting

Our next largest size is a Monster which is 10ft wide, then a Mini Monster which is 4 ft wide. You also have the option of posting multiple Monsters or Mini Monsters in a row to increase space and impact.

4 mini monsters

Wild Postings with Objects Attached

Objects attached to Wild Postings

Attaching items to your wild postings will literally cause them to stick out. The items could be there just to create visual appeal, or it could be free samples for the public. Stacks of posters could also be affixed to the board for people to rip off and take home with them. Connecting free items not only grabs attention but it also creates positive impressions.

Multiple Wild Posting Flights

As the name suggests, a multi-flight campaign is when a campaign has multiple wild posting runs. Typically, different creatives are used for each flight. However, flights can use the same creatives but for separate times throughout the year. Multiple flights help to remind and reinforce a campaign message.

Multi-flights work well for fashion brands that desire to showcase various products and styles throughout their campaign. Below are images from the Puma campaign which had a new creative for each of the 4 flights.

Puma Wild Postings

Campaign Length and Wild Posting Locations

Naturally, increasing the number of locations and campaign length will increase exposure. You can also broaden your reach by running a multi-market campaign. However, you should keep your target market in mind when picking locations to ensure you reach potential customers.


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