6 reasons to utilize wildpostings

Wildpostings are stylish, authentic, edgy, and attention-grabbing. They effectively communicate messages whether you’re promoting an event, album, brand, or cause. They reach large audiences, are budget-friendly and they have long-lasting exposure.

If you’re not already sold on wildpostings, then let’s look at 6 reasons why you should be….

Wildposting History 

Most things have changed throughout human history. Styles have come and gone. Products gained popularity then became obsolete. Trends were a hot topic then soon forgotten. But posters have stuck around. Sure, typography and the design of the poster has evolved and will continue to change. But the concept of putting up a static image to deliver a message has remained the exact same.

Evidently, wildpostings are valuable since people have been using them to advertise for generations after generations.

Straightforward Planning Process

Planning a wildposting campaign isn’t a long, complicated process. It’s relatively simple to execute. You design a poster, print it, then start posting. Of course, there are some details to figure out along the way like campaign length and locations, but for the most part, it is a straightforward process.


Wildpostings give your wallet a break. They are a lot more affordable than other advertising mediums. Plus, wildpostings don’t have a set price. The campaign length, number of locations and poster size can be adjusted to meet your budget.


Wildpostings have a far range. You can target multiple neighborhoods, cities and even countries. You have the freedom to decide how far or near you want your campaign to be.

24/7 Visibility

Wildpostings are visible for the entire campaign duration. So, if you ran a 2-week campaign, then the public will be able to view your wildposting for every second of those 2 weeks. Plus, we constantly maintain wildpostings to ensure they remain in immaculate condition.

High Exposures – Wild Posting In NYC, Toronto, & Your City

We place our wildpostings in areas with extremely high traffic.  Not only do wildpostings effectively reach pedestrians, but they also reach motorists and cyclists. Wildpostings snatch attention since they heavily contrast with the plain hoardings they’re posted on. Plus, there is no ad blocker for wildpostings. People can’t turn wildpostings off or switch the channel.

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