tips for choosing wildposting typography

The whole objective of wildpostings is to deliver messages that consumers detect, interpret and remember. Thus, typography is a vital aspect to the whole wildposting design and strongly influences whether a message is comprehended.

What is Typography?

Typography is the craft of positioning characters and letters with the objective of making the copy clear, readable and visually engaging. Typography includes font style, structure, and appearance. Typography also takes color, alignment, typefaces, hierarchy, consistency, and whitespace into account.

The goal of typography should be to provide people with guidance and information. It centralizes around creating information and art in a captivating way. Typography aims to express a multitude of emotions while delivering certain messages.

Now that we have an understanding of typography, let’s look at why it is so significant to the overall wildposting design.

Why is Typography Critical?

Typography is absolutely everywhere, and the placement of each single letter impacts how a message is perceived. Typography sets varying emotions, moods, tones, and atmospheres. It also creates a visual hierarchy while highlighting your main message.

The more your brand uses a specific typeface, the more people will associate that typeface with your brand. Thus, utilizing consistent typography will help build brand recognition and strengthen brand relationships.

Typography impacts decisions, readability, design balance, and the feel of the work. Typography also influences whether a design grabs and holds attention. Therefore, typography should be stimulating and unforgettable.

Typography Tips for Wildpostings

It is absolutely essential to have eye-catching typography on your wild posting, otherwise it could go unnoticed. Here are our tips on how to create striking typography…


Readability refers to how clearly a typeface can be read. Readability is determined by font features such as font position, font size, color, etc. Since people are on the move when they view wildpostings in NYC, or any other populated city, we highly recommend using typefaces that are easy to read.

Font Numbers

When creating a wildposting design, we typically suggest using a maximum of 3 fonts. This limit will help maintain balance, prevent chaos and create contrast.

Consistent Typography

As stated earlier, typography establishes brand awareness and helps increase recognition. Utilizing typography that you consistently use with your brand, will instantly help people recognize your wildposting.


When creating a wildposting, you should ensure there is enough whitespace between typographic elements. In design configuration, whitespace is the area between sections, and it can be tweaked through leading, tracking and kerning. If components are placed too closely together then it can be challenging to distinguish words.


Adding texture to typography can make your wildposting leap off the board.


Legibility is contingent on typeface design and it refers to how well letters can be seen. Utilizing legible fonts in your wildpostings will ensure that people easily understand the message.

Visual Hierarchy

Once you decide on your content, you should sort the information from the most important to the least important. The key information should be the most noticeable and easily visible from a distance.

Establishing a visual hierarchy helps organize the elements so people can simply perceive the content. You can establish visual hierarchy through headings, subheadings, captions, etc. You can also create differences between copy sections through colors, sizes, placement, etc.

Contrasting Elements

Utilizing contrasting elements in your wildposting will make it snatch attention. Contrast can be created through color, placement, space, alignment, emphasis, etc. Typically, your text color should contrast with your background color. Vibrant colors can make your wildposting pop compared to the plain board its affixed on.

Campaign Objective

Each font elicits a distinctive mood. For instance, some fonts are serious, friendly, funny etc. When picking a font, you should use one that aligns with your campaign objective. For example, if you were designing a poster for a Halloween event, using a spooky font would be a suitable fit.


Typography should be in balance with all other design elements on the wildposting. Balance makes copy easier to comprehend and it can be achieved through whitespace, alignment, spacing between letters, etc.

Font Size

People are typically on the move when they view wildpostings. Thus, you should make your font big enough for people to see from a distance.

Target Audience

We also suggest utilizing typography that aligns with your target audience. For example, if your target market was kids, playful and colorful typography would be extremely fitting.

Wildpostings are suitable for any company, event, or brand. If you’re interested in booking a wildposting campaign, then contact us today…

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