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Street Team Marketing Toronto

The location of our headquarters also happens to be one of the most dynamic media cities in the world. We are always pushing the envelope with experiential campaigns and multi –faceted street dominations.

Toronto’s multicultural population is around 2.6 million residents, spanning east to west, north and south. With almost 50% of the population being foreign, the city has a lot of character and cultural diversity. The city has many popular cultural communities such as Little Italy, Little Portugal, Little Jamaica, and Chinatown to name a few. With famous tourist attractions such as the CN Tower, The Hockey Hall of Fame, The Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium, Casa Loma, Kensington Market, Distillery District, and The Toronto Zoo, it is no wonder why the city is constantly booming with tourism. Similar to Montréal, Toronto has a very large student population with many post-secondary institutions and campuses spread across the city. This allows for numerous opportunities to work on-campus if you would like to target this key demographic.

Toronto offers a diverse array of retail establishments, including corner stores, cafes, and many small, medium, and large establishments. Grassroots Advertising offers Street Frames that are positioned on the exteriors of variety, retail, or convenience stores. This medium is inexpensive and is good for out of home and point-of-purchase impact. Street Frames can also be paired with our “Smart Poster” technology, which uses QR code and NFC capabilities to allow consumers to interact with web based content by “tapping” or “scanning” with their smart phone device.

Grassroots Advertising offers many services in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Wildposting® is one of the most popular choices because of its ultimate street reach potential. Street teams can be seen almost daily around the city, with food or product samples, postcards, or flyers for events and promoting a business or technology. This growing method helps to create a wonderful buzz and provides a human touch to your brand, message, or product.

With many small, medium, and large upscale events around the city daily, our projection technology is a fantastic choice for your business. Using our award winning Wall Projections, we can bring full motion video and interactivity to the out of home space. We have performed hundreds of projection campaigns for clients such as: 7UP, Fido, HSBC, Lexus, Labatt, Smirnoff, Nike, Doritos, Mini, and H&M. Please see examples of some of our in city work.
Toronto has a lot of pride in its sports teams, considering some of the biggest names in sports including The Toronto Maple Leafs, The Toronto Raptors, The Toronto FC, and The Toronto Blue Jays hail from here. Many international talents come from the city and it hosts many festivals such as The Toronto International Film Festival, The Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade, and Pride Toronto. If you want to be able to bring your message anywhere, Mobile Billboards are the way to go. Perfect for launches, parades, festivals, and special events, they’re a great way to stand out from the crowd by driving home key branding and messaging in a captivating and mobile way.

Our talented team is pleased to offer you a full range of marketing services that best suit your needs in the Toronto area.

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