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Street Marketing & Advertising Services London

London is the capital city of England, and has a population of 8,673,713 (the second most populous city in the EU, after Paris). It’s known as a leading global city and financial centre, and is the most visited city in the world, as measured by international arrivals. Home to many attractions and historical landmarks, it’s a worthwhile market to consider for your advertising campaign.

We at Grassroots Advertising are well known in North America as veterans of Guerilla Media services, and we’ve recently strengthened operations across the pond. Wildposting®, the low-cost and highly visible form of advertising, provides exposure based on strategic placement of postings across your city. This is a form of outbound marketing where businesses try to reach out to consumers through traditional media platforms such as posters or signs, ambient and experiential media.

As the most visited city in the world, you can trust that your campaign will be seen by a huge and diverse amount of eyeballs. London is full to the brim with tourist attractions. It contains four heritage sites: the Tower of London, Kew Gardens, the Palace of Westminster, and Greenwich settlement. It’s also home to landmarks like Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the British Museum and National Gallery (and let’s not forget, the Queen herself).

The art scene is thriving and has been for a long time. We can guarantee that at least one of your all-time favourite bands was formed in London. As the city that birthed seminal punk bands including The Sex Pistols and The Clash, the appreciation for DIY culture is alive and well. Bands like these gained a following through word of mouth and cheap and creative advertising tactics like Wildposting®, so if you’re thinking of a market for a music or arts campaign this is the place to do it.

Besides Wildposting®, our offerings include murals, ambient advertising, and experiential (which includes things like street teams and sampling to give people a “feel” for your brand or product). Experiential campaigns are perfect for launches, parades, festivals and special events, they’re a great way to stand out from the crowd and spread the key messaging of your brand in a more targeted manner.

Speaking of neighbourhoods and demographics, London has the second-largest immigrant population in the world (after New York City). This makes for a diverse culture with more than 300 languages spoken. London is often described as a melting pot; a metropolis filled with many unique traditions, recipes, and experiences. From the upscale Chelsea to counter-cultural Camden Town, we can help you find the neighbourhoods most suited to your campaign.

Our talented team is pleased to offer you with a full range of marketing services to best suit your needs in the London area. Get in touch with one of our reps today to learn more about local offerings!

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