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Experiential Marketing Services Los Angeles

Lights, camera, action… you are now entering the City of Angels!

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the USA with a population of around 3.8 million residents. Often referred to as L.A., the city is the epicentre of the TV and Film industry, home to many of the world’s biggest names in entertainment. Los Angeles has many famed attractions such as Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, the Hollywood sign, the Santa Monica Pier, as well as many beaches. These gorgeous attractions make the city an exciting destination for tourists. Not to mention, it is an extremely ethnically diverse city with maximum exposure points located around the sprawling metropolis area.

Grassroots Advertising is well known for Wildposting®, a low cost advertising method that provides companies with maximum exposure. Wildposting® involves placing high concentration posters in high traffic areas in and around your community. A very popular style of marketing, Wildposting® allows small, medium, and large businesses to promote their message in a down to earth and accessible level.

We also offer three separate styles of marketing which provide great coverage. The “Monster” format is one of the most attention grabbing styles. It includes a combination of ten posters to create a 72 square foot image that delivers maximum level exposure. We also offer an alternative “Mini Monster” style if you want something on a smaller scale. This style uses four individual posters to create one large image, resulting in a final image of 48×72. Since this poster is the same size as a transit shelter poster, you can have them placed in various spots.

Street Teams are another popular marketing method that provides person-to-person interaction that can’t be beat. We provide street sampling, human billboards, and costumes that trained on-campus and brand ambassadors are able to explain or demo your product.

Our talented team is pleased to offer you with a full range of marketing services to best suit your needs in the Los Angeles area. With many small, medium, or large upscale events around the city daily, our projection technology is a fantastic choice for businesses.

We use our award winning Wall Projections, which can bring full motion video and interactivity to the out of home space. We have performed hundreds of projection campaigns for clients such as: 7UP, Fido, HSBC, Lexus, Labatt, Smirnoff, Nike, Doritos, Mini, and H&M. In conjunction with SMS and Interactive, Street Teams and Collateral Handouts, Photo Walls and Live Streaming, Large Format Gaming, Bluetooth, Portable Flags and Banners, Sound and Vehicle Branding, it is a technologically friendly way to make an impact.

Mobile billboards give businesses the opportunity to bring their message with them anywhere. This medium is perfect for launches, parades, festivals, and special events. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd by driving home key branding and messaging in a captivating and mobile way.

Why is Experiential Marketing so Powerful?

It’s no secret that people don’t always particularly like advertising. They use ad blockers, skip commercials, and roll their eyes at product placement. But that doesn’t signify the end of marketing; rather, it points to the need for brands to evolve their marketing strategies to fit a new kind of customer. 

And, indeed, that is what is happening. One of the most powerful new marketing strategies being used today is experiential marketing, which reaches consumers through – you guessed it – experiences rather than simple advertisements in the form of images, photos, or text.

And it’s more than just an idea; experiential marketing is proven to be effective. In fact, 74% of consumers claim that engaging with branded event marketing experiences makes them more likely to buy the promoted products. 

So what explains this high level of experiential marketing effectiveness? In this article, we dive into a few of the many reasons. 

TIFF ET Experiential Marketing Campaign


What Is Experiential Marketing?

As we mentioned above, experiential marketing is defined by bringing experiences to potential and current customers. It does so in two distinct ways. First, experiential marketing gives customers the opportunity to directly interact with a product or service before buying it, allowing them to see for themselves why they need your product. And on top of that, experiential marketing communicates particular messages about your brand, building brand loyalty, preference, and trust.

Some examples of successful experiential marketing campaigns executed by Grassroots Advertising include spraying strawberry scent into a city to promote strawberry gin, projecting photos posted to Instagram with a branded hashtag onto building walls to promote an art gallery, and erecting a mural with wands attached to it for passersby to take photos with to promote the film Fantastic Beasts. As you can see, the possibilities with experiential marketing are nearly limitless. Each experience can be designed specifically to fit your brand, your marketing needs, your target customer, and your goals. 

Benefits of Experiential Marketing in Los Angeles

If you’re considering giving experiential marketing a shot for your brand, there are so many reasons to take the plunge. Here are just some of them.

It’s Shareable

Since the start of business, it’s been a known fact that the best way to get new customers is through referral and word-of-mouth. And in today’s internet age, making recommendations to friends and family is easier than ever; all it takes is the click of a single button on a social media application. But in order to compel customers to take the step of sharing, you have to create something unique, memorable, and worth talking about.

And that’s exactly what experiential marketing is best at. Always on the look-out for content to share, consumers have intrinsic motivation to take a photo near that mural you put up and share it to their network or to post a video of the moving art installation you erected. The result is an organic group of ambassadors spreading the word about your brand. 

It’s True to You

These days, customers are savvier than ever and have developed a real distaste for brands and marketing that feel fake, bogus, or like they’re trying too hard. Consumers want authenticity, and that is one area where experiential marketing shines most. 

In order to properly represent your brand, you can customize experiences with infinite options. The format is so flexible that you can send whichever message you’d like about your brand, making sure you are accurately reflecting your brand identity.

Beyond that, the personal and interpersonal nature of experiential marketing lends it an undeniable air of authenticity. It involves people coming face to face with your staff, directly interacting with your brand, and getting to know your brand personality. All of this lends itself incredibly well to being the basis for connection and brand loyalty.

It’s Scaleable

Regardless of if you’re a small mom and pop shop or a multinational corporation, you can scale experiential marketing to the size that is most appropriate for you. Whether you keep it to a small main street in your home town or build pop up events all around the globe, experiential marketing allows you to reach exactly the right audience for your particular marketing campaign. 

So while a major company like Corona may be able to afford and organize an experiential marketing campaign all across Canada that lets passersby perform karaoke projected onto city walls throughout the nation, a smaller boutique brand such as Miss Me, a women’s denim company, can do something as simple as driving a showroom on wheels throughout the American South to show consumers what their brand is all about. No matter your company, you can scale an experiential marketing company to fit you.

It’s What Customers Want

One final – and nonetheless important – point to consider is the fact that customers are more interested in experiences now than ever. One study found that 72% of Millennials prefer to spend money on experiences rather than material goods, and their younger Gen Z counterparts are following in their footsteps in this inclination. Together, these two generations make up more than half of the American population, meaning it’s only logical to take their preferences into consideration when developing marketing campaigns.

Even if your brand is selling a physical product, being able to introduce yourselves to Millennial and Gen Z consumers through something as memorable and meaningful as an experience can help create a lifelong association of your brand as having more to offer than just products. If you can provide these consumers with a real-life, valuable experience, they are much more likely to be loyal to your brand.


So if experiential marketing isn’t already on your radar and in your marketing plan – it should be. There is simply no better way to build buzz around your brand, elevate the connections you are making with your customer base, promote brand loyalty, improve brand recognition, and ultimately boost your profits. 

To learn more about how your brand can leverage one-of-a-kind experiential marketing strategies to achieve stellar results, contact Grassroots Advertising today.

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