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Experiential Guerilla Style Marketing Services Seattle

Seattle is the largest city in the State of Washington, with a population close to 700,000 residents, and a major business hub with strong ties to the technological world. The headquarters for large businesses such as Amazon.com, Starbucks, Costco, and Microsoft are within the metropolitan area. Did you know that the world famous coffee chain Starbuck’s as well as the rock musician Jimi Hendrix, were both born in Seattle? Another interesting fact about the city is that it’s known as “The City of Goodwill”. Various markets in Seattle are growing as well as the city itself, making it a world-class city with a lot to offer to residents, tourists, and businesses and a good advertising place for guerilla style marketing.

Grassroots Advertising is well known for Wildposting®, a low cost advertising method that provides companies with maximum exposure by placing high concentration posters in high traffic areas of your community. A very popular style of marketing, it allows small, medium, as well as large businesses to promote their message on a down to earth and accessible level. We also offer a “Monster”, and “Mini Monster” style marketing effort that all provide great coverage.

Experience Guerilla Style Marketing with Grassroots Advertising

A 72 square foot image is combined to create the attention grabbing “Monster” format, which delivers maximum street level exposure. If you want a monster style impact on a smaller scale, try the “Mini Monster”, which uses four individual posters to create a larger image. This results in a final image size of 48×72, the same as a transit shelter poster.

Mobile billboards give businesses the opportunity to bring their message with them anywhere. This medium is perfect for launches, parades, festivals, and special events. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd by driving home key branding and messaging in a captivating and mobile way.

Seattle hosts many festivals and fairs, including the Seattle International Film Festival, which spans over the course of 24 days, and shows a variety of films including documentaries and foreign films. As well, they host Festál, a series of cultural festivals that celebrate the diverse ethnic communities in the city. During small, medium or large scale festivals and events in Seattle, you have the opportunity to tap into new and existing demographics. Street teams give consumers a human and relatable face to associate with your brand, service, or product. We can provide street sampling, human billboards, and costumes, as well as on-campus and brand ambassadors who are trained to explain or demo your product.

Our talented team is pleased to offer you with a full range of marketing services to best suit your needs in the Seattle area. Depending on the audience that you would like to reach out to, we are able to put your product, message, or business in the spotlight. We want to help you to create an exciting and riveting experience for consumers in this beautiful seaport city.

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