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Human Billboard

Human billboard advertising is a popular method of integrating human connection, interactivity and marketing into a simple but effective advertisement. Your human billboard is an ambassador for your brand, and this form of advertising is a creative way to market your brand, product or service outdoors. With our human billboard advertising solutions, you can walk your advertisement directly to potential customers in densely populated areas, such as busy streets, university and college campuses, events and malls, for example, where other types of advertising might not be permitted.

This cost-effective type of advertising can come in the form of clothing, signs and more wearable options. You’ll be able to effectively reach your target audience and enjoy endless possibilities in how you present your brand to your audience. With human billboards, you can target current or potential customers by the venues and locations they frequent, and offer them with an opportunity to test out or participate in your brand’s products or services.

A key element in our human billboard offering is the Backpack billboard which has become the essential strategic tool for reaching crowds at busy public events – they display your message above the crowd, from within the crowd. Our backlit billboards are especially effective for evening events and entertainment districts. Brand ambassadors can use sampling, giveaways, games and tablets to create memorable connections to your brand.

Advertising is an investment in your company and gives you a competitive advantage in growing both your revenue and customer base. While there are many options available to advertise your products or services, it’s important to decide which method will provide the best results for your business. Human billboards are a classic form of successful advertising, and innovative strategies help make this advertising solution even more successful. A human billboard can’t be ignored in the same way as a television ad, meaning your message will be delivered more effectively.

Human billboards make building recognition around your brand easy with a new level of exposure. Regardless of the goals of your advertising campaign, Grassroots Advertising has the industry experience and creativity you need to see through this marketing venture successfully.

Why Grassroots Advertising?

Our human billboard solutions help to maintain human interaction in your advertising efforts. We have been providing guerilla advertising services for 30 years, and our products and services remain as effective as ever in delivering your message. With so many new advertising tools on the market that combine the digital world, interactivity and advertising, we’re able to provide your current or potential customers with the opportunity to learn about your brand in new and creative ways.

Human billboard advertising is a great option regardless of the scale and reach of your business, as well as your industry. Our street credibility in advertising and marketing across Canada and in the U.S. means we always find the best solutions for our clients.

Our advertising services create memorable campaigns and immediately grab the attention of your target audience, and our creative design team can take your ideas and make them innovative and targeted advertisements. Our many award-winning campaigns make us the clear choice for your guerilla advertising needs. We help your brand and message stand out against the competition and engage your audience.

Whatever style of advertising you’re looking for, Grassroots Advertising human billboard solutions can help create buzz around your brand and boost your profits. Contact us today to learn more.


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