Stencil and Chalk Art Advertising

Get Your Message on the street!

Stencils and Chalk Art are great tools for blanketing a market quickly and cost-effectively.

Stencils are applied using a chalk-based paint that can be easily removed if needed. 50 – 75 applications can be done throughout the city core over a weekend, generating buzz in a short period of time.

Chalk Art can range from a simple logo to a complex 3D design to draw in passersby and allow for great photo opportunities. Utilizing a hashtag can help to tie a fun activation in with a larger campaign.

Grassroots uses eco-friendly chalk that can last up to 30 days in high traffic areas, but be removed quickly and effectively with a brush and water.

If you’re interested in using chalk art or stencil advertising, Grassroots Advertising can you find the solution that helps you promote your message. Contact us today to learn more.

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