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Beautify Your City Streets!

Spread your message throughout your city with Stencils and Chalk Art! Stencils and Chalk Art blanket a market quickly and cost-effectively. They are memorable, pleasing to look at and add style to communities. Stencils and Chalk Art excel at snatching attention since pedestrians are used to looking at plain pavement below them.


Stencils are created using a thin sheet of material with cut-out letters and/or patterns. The sheet is positioned on the street and chalk is applied on the cut-out design to form the Stencil.

We apply Stencils using a chalk-based paint that can be easily removed if needed. 50 – 75 applications can be done throughout the city core over a weekend, generating buzz in a short period of time. You can also tie your Stencil campaign to social media by utilizing a hashtag.


Chalk art is illustrated on the street by an artist who hand-draws the entire design using chalk as the drawing utensil. It can range from a simple logo to a complex 3D design.

Chalk Art can be extremely captivating and impactful. Even when the artist is drawing the Chalk Art, it attracts an audience. We use eco-friendly chalk that can last up to 30 days in high traffic areas. Fortunately, when you want your campaign to end, we can also easily and quickly remove the Chalk Art with a brush and water.

Chalk Art allows for great photo opportunities and employing a hashtag can help link a fun activation in with a larger campaign.

If you’re interested in using Stencil Advertising or Chalk Art, Grassroots Advertising can find you the solution that helps you promote your message. Contact us today to learn more.


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