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Cling-Alls Advertising

Style your Streets!

Have you ever strolled the city streets and noticed the same sticker everywhere and wondered how you could do that too?

Well look no further, because Grassroots can make that happen with our Cling-Alls Advertising Services.

Cling-Alls are a lightweight material that grip to practically any surface whether it is indoors or out. We offer Cling-Alls in varying colors, shapes and sizes. However, we do recommend using vibrant colors for Cling Alls, so they stand out more. Many of the surfaces we attach Cling-Alls to are grey so vivid colors will definitely grab attention.

Cling-Alls Distribution

You choose the areas to focus on and we will randomly distribute enormous quantities of Cling-Alls in those zones.

Cling-Alls also make for excellent take-aways. People decorate so many of their personal belongings with stickers such as laptops, car bumpers, knapsacks, etc. So how about you add your Cling-Alls to the mix?

All you have to do is show us your design, choose areas to focus on then sit back and relax because we will do the rest. When you want your campaign to end, we can easily remove Cling Alls without leaving a mark.

If you desire to have your message absolutely anywhere and everywhere then book a Cling-Alls Campaign with us today!


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