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Indoor Advertising Solutions

Indoor Advertising

Placing your advertisements inside helps you to attract customers who are either already on their way to make a purchase, or who will likely be doing so soon. The possibilities for indoor advertising are endless, and they offer a way to grab your audience’s attention exactly where they are. You can place indoor advertisements in restrooms or popular areas of malls, restaurants, bars, airports, elevators and college or university campuses, to name a few. With indoor advertising, you’ll be able to easily target your audience based on their venue of choice, interests or hobbies. As well, strategically placed advertising in areas like restrooms has been proven to increase engagement with your audience.

Indoor advertising can help to engage customers, and can drive traffic to your in-store location or online, or to your event. At Grassroots Advertising, we have built a network of over 1,500 retail establishments in the most popular areas of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa, so you’ll be able to reach your target audience effectively.

Indoor advertising is a cost-effective solution, and a popular method for those in the arts and culture community to promote upcoming shows or projects. We offer posters, postcards, flyers and brochures, all customizable to grab your audience’s attention.

Indoor advertising is harder to ignore than traditional methods such as T.V. commercials. With our indoor advertising solutions, you’ll be able to achieve exposure directly to your target audience in a creative way.

Industry experience

Grassroots Advertising has been in the guerilla advertising business for 35 years. Our street credibility across Canada and the U.S. has allowed us to create memorable campaigns for our clients in a variety of industries. Our award-winning work make us the clear choice for your indoor advertising needs.

With our indoor advertising solutions, you’ll be able to customize the perfect method to attract your customers and promote your message. Our innovative approach to advertising combines traditional methods with new technology and techniques that give you a competitive edge in your industry.

Indoor advertising offers endless opportunities to engage your audience, and our end-to-end support help you to make your campaign an overall success. We work with you directly so we can best suit your requirements, and our design team is experienced in turning your ideas into engaging advertising initiatives. Our guidance and support make any of your advertising or marketing ventures a success, no matter the size of your business or project.

Indoor advertising can help you to achieve your goals, whether it’s to create buzz around an event or product, increase your recognition, or drive traffic to your event, store or social media. Advertising is an investment in the future success of your business or project and can help you to grow your customer base and revenue. With so many advertising solutions available, it’s important to find the method that best works for you.

If you’re interested in indoor advertising, Grassroots Advertising can help you to find the solution that helps you to promote your message. Contact us today to learn more.


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