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Paint your Passions!

Murals have been utilized as communication tools throughout human history. Despite the fact that people have changed tremendously over time, the definition of murals has not. A mural is art depicted on a wall, ceiling or bridge.

Murals are exceptional at representing events, social issues, brands and emotions. They enhance communities by adding beauty, charm and character. Murals also stand out since they are massive, pleasing to look at and usually surrounded by simple brick. Even when murals are being painted, people stop in their tracks and watch.

A beneficial element of murals is that people want to take pictures of and with them. Mural images are frequently shared with others and murals can be linked to social media campaigns by utilizing a hashtag. Thus, murals reach way more people than just the crowds that walk by them.

At Grassroots, we offer two mural variations:

Wall Murals

Wall Murals are the traditional form of murals in which the figure is painted directly onto the wall surface.

Vinyl Murals

Our Vinyl Murals are also depicted on walls, but instead of painting the wall, a plastic covering is applied to it with the design already on it.

Our murals are illustrated in populated downtown areas with frequent foot and car traffic. If you want to capture attention, generate buzz and reach large audiences then book a mural campaign with us today.


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