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Poster Distribution Services

Poster design and distribution refer to two very different things: while the former involves designing a unique and creative identity, the latter involves aspects that ensure your message reaches the intended audience. Poster distribution comes into play when you need to convey a message on the street or in the public domain in a timely manner.

Our poster distribution service seeks to get your event message to as many people as possible before the due date. We take pride in our meticulously researched and targeted delivery structure, as we consistently endeavour to create the infectious buzz that your occasion deserves.

How we do it

When we say posters, we mean the paper-printed advertisements or announcements intended for public exhibition. Whether you want to promote an event or product, a poster needs to immediately grab the attention of passersby. This is partly dependent on the poster design, but more so, on correct delivery to the relevant audience at the right hot spots. There are three primary modes of poster distribution:

  1. Hand to hand: The hand to hand delivery of posters is one of the most effective ways of getting your message to your target audience. It is a personal method that quickly raises the profile of your brand. Before every project, we brief our friendly and highly energetic staff on the specifics of your product or event promotion so they can communicate it effectively to the public.

  2. Shop drops: The key to effective marketing is in knowing not only your target market, but also where to find them. Our professional team takes the time to research and plan custom drop routes and destinations that will get word of your product or event out in the most optimal way. Whether your audience is business professionals, nightlife enthusiasts, or college students, we can reach them in events, libraries, pubs, clubs, and a host of other places.

  3. Bespoke: We love our job. We get to deal with creative clients who are looking to try out-of-the-box, fresh ideas for their projects. In such cases, we design bespoke distribution packages tailored around your creative ideas, and get the team to deliver.

Why poster distribution

We believe that a poster campaign is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising for events. In fact, statistics show over 65 percent of ticket sales and attendance is usually related to an advanced poster campaign, with the other percentage coming from other – costly – forms of advertising. With such statistics, it would be unwise to run an event without advertising it with a poster campaign.

We work directly with our clients to deliver bespoke poster campaigns for their events, with a well thought out distribution plan targeting all important areas to ensure that every poster is displayed in the most prominent and influential place.

A poster campaign offers these benefits:

  • Posters are the most important visual media
  • They can be displayed in densely populated, public areas
  • They can create an instant impact when placed in key outlets
  • They cover your target area
  • They remain in the public eye
  • They capture the attention of the passerby

We believe that a publicity poster campaign should not just target the major shopping areas. As such, our professional distributors systematically find all the hidden hotspots in the back streets to display your advertisement. This way, your potential clients are bombarded with your message from your poster advertisement at every turn, prompting them to take action.



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