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Street Level Advertising

Advertising is a very profitable investment for business owners in both the short and long term. Those business owners that have advertising in their budget maintain a competitive advantage over those who don’t. Those who invest in advertising can expect an increase in customers who will go on to become loyal customers, which directly correlates to an increase in profits. Advertising also improves the sale of products, which also leads to an increase in profits by lowering the per unit cost of the product. Advertising can also alter the attitudes and habits of those they are advertising to.

Business owners have a lot of options in terms of advertising for their business, brand or product. However, to maximize the effectiveness, they must make smart decisions regarding the advertisement method they choose because technology has made it easier for people to avoid advertisements or to opt out of them all together. In fact, one study found that 90% of DVR users skip commercials when watching pre-recorded television shows.

Advertisers are perpetually coming up with innovative ways to ensure that their marketing efforts reach the populace. With street-level advertising, which is advertising confined to the streets, it makes it difficult for people to simply opt out of the advertisement. This is because street-level advertising occurs in unexpected locations, including lobby floors, public transportation or even in trees. This not only makes it difficult for customers to avoid the advertisement, but it can also pique interest. Street level advertising is a smart business decision for those looking to grow and expand their business.

Benefits of Street Level Advertising:

Street-level advertising involves the use of costumes, directional arrows or signs to direct attention to a particular business or product. Street-level advertising also includes the use of enthusiastic people to hand out samples, coupons or answer questions, which reinforces a businesses’ brand by giving customers the opportunity to interact with the business personally. Street level advertising also allows businesses to capitalize on their particular location by targeting pedestrians and drivers. It is also a great way to attract the attention of children, especially when fun costumes are involved.

There are multiple benefits of street level advertising over other methods of advertising: it is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise for your business given that the resources involved are very minimal. Street level advertising is also very economical in the long run because the costumes and signs generally have a very long life-span, giving business owners a great return on investment.

Grassroots Advertising has over 30 years of street credibility in both Canada and the United States with unique and award-winning ad campaigns. Our street level advertising services include:

  • Backpack billboards
  • Experiential Advertising
  • Wild Posting Advertising
  • Outdoor Projection Advertising Services
  • Smart Poster Street Frames
  • Mobile Billboard Vehicle
  • Chalk Art Advertising and Stencils and Street Wash
  • Street Team Advertising and Sampling
  • Cling-Alls Advertising

Whether you are looking for a creative or tried and true street marketing campaign, Grassroots Advertising can deliver exactly what you are looking for.



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