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Street Washing Services

Street washing is a highly effective and environmentally friendly tool for getting your business or campaign message onto the streets. It is a guerrilla marketing and pavement advertising campaign that involves creating semi-permanent images on pavements, walls, and other surfaces by removing dirt or dust from dirty surfaces.

Street Washing is also referred to as reverse graffiti, clean advertising, green graffiti, clean graffiti, grime writing, clean tagging, and dust tagging. The terms “clean” and “washing” are used because the process involves power washing so as to clean an imprint onto a dirty surface, creating a clean impression that can last for several months depending on the type of surface. Basically, the target site has to be cleaned before creating the impression, which makes this a green advertising campaign.

Is Clean Graffiti different from normal Graffiti?

There isn’t much difference between street washing and normal graffiti, except that clean graffiti does not use any paint or colours. So how exactly does it work?

With clean graffiti, our artist starts by locating a dirty wall and cleaning part of it to create a temporary or semi-permanent art exhibit of your choosing. An example of clean graffiti is using your finger to write something on a dusty car window.

With street washing, our artist can use brushes, hands, or pressure washers depending on how big the ”canvas” is. To create finer detail, the artist will lay a stencil down on the pavement or other surface and use a high powered washer to clear out the area, creating a work of art in under a minute. Any surface filled with dirt and grime, like most inner cities, are a blank canvas for advertising yourself on the streets.

How good is street washing for advertising?

It is important to keep in mind that the audience for clean graffiti – in city walls, tunnels, and streets – may be different from the one that is glued to the evening news or a regular at art galleries. Large artistic creations on walls are photo worthy, which means that many passers will want to capture the image on their smartphone and possibly share it with friends on social media.

This essentially becomes free publicity with nearly zero effect on the environment since there is no ink or paper involved. As a mode of advertising, street washing projects have tremendous potential for going viral due to their nature and dazzling creativity.

But is it legal?

Compared to normal graffiti that is destructive on the surfaces and is frowned upon by local authorities, street washing operates in a more legally vague arena. Basically, our artists will be “cleaning” a public space, which is not unlawful or prosecutable in most areas.

Who can use Street Washing Advertising?

Any business or marketer looking for an innovative, cool, eye catching, and environmentally safe form of marketing that takes your message directly to the streets can use Clean Graffiti to advertise. It is also a cost effective alternative to other forms of advertising that offer standard publicity, but with the merits of being an eco-friendly and cool artistic technique.


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