Wildposting® Singles

The OG Street Level Medium

Wildposting® Singles are the classic and original street level medium.The standard size of Singles is 24” by 36” but if you’d like to use another size, that can be executed as well. Singles have the advantage of being the most budget-friendly Wildposting® option. They are the smallest size we offer, however so many exciting things can still be done with them.

wildposting singles 1

Wildposting® Singles can be posted in blocks which is when the same creative is repeated above, below and beside. There is a checkerboard option which is when two creatives alternate to form a checkered pattern.You also have the possibility of using more than two creatives for your Wildposting® campaign. As many creatives as you’d like, we’ll post.

wildposting singles patterns 2

Wildposting® have a high return on investment since they reach enormous audiences at a very low cost. Plus, they’re viewed by even the hardest to reach consumers. Our Wildposting® boards are in populated areas and we constantly maintain them.

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