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Unique & Award Winning Ad Campaigns


Do you have a great idea that you are hesitant to bring forward? At Grassroots we’ll turn your brainstorm into a tsunami! Let our creative team design, develop and deliver an innovative solution to reach your target audience. We have a variety of alternative mediums that by themselves or combined with traditional solutions are sure to get some serious attention.

Tory Lanez Ipod

Tory Lanez iPod

A gigantic inflatable iPod was set throughout popular areas in Toronto to promote Tory Lanez’s new album.

Malibu Rum Display Truck

Malibu Rum Display Truck

We transformed our display truck into a mobile Malibu Bar by adding a bamboo roof, beach sand, surfboards,a photo wall, and of course a Tiki Bar. We drove the Island in the 6ix around Toronto and street teams handed out Malibu Rum swag.

Beefeater Pink Projections & Posters

Beefeater Pink Projections

To promote Beefeater Pink, projections were combined with a strawberry spraying scent canon to create an immersive sensory experience. Massive pink posters with a 3D strawberry attached to them were also put up throughout Toronto.

Love Island Display Truck


To announce Love Island airing in North America, a display truck with brand ambassadors drove around Toronto handing out branded beach balls.

Tangerine Raptors Projections

Tangerine Raptors Projection

During the NBA finals, the live game score for the Raptors was projected throughout Toronto.

ScotiaGallery Projections

ScotiaGallery Projections

If people used the hashtag ScotiaGallery on their Instagram pictures, then their photos could be livestreamed to the ScotiaGallery projections.

United Way Park Benches

United Way Park Benches

Park benches with branded mats were placed throughout Toronto to raise awareness about local poverty and how several people must use benches as beds.

Stewardship Ice-cream Truck

Stewardship Ice Cream Truck

To raise awareness about recycling rules, a branded truck handed out iPads to play their recycling-themed game while serving ice-cream.

Tourisme Montreal Bicycle Campaign

Toursime Montreal Bicycle Campaign

Lit-up bicycles drove around Toronto interacting with the public to promote traveling to Montreal.

Fantastic Beasts Mural

Fantastic Beasts Mural

A mural with wands attached to it was painted on a high-traffic street to promote the new Fantastic Beasts movie.

Holt Renfrew Display Truck


Passersby had a chance to win Holt Renfrew items by playing games on a branded display truck.

Toyota Corolla “A Test Drive Like Never Before”

2015 AdClub Out of Home Showdown (Experiential Category)

The Royal Ontario Museum 3D Chalk Art “Pompeii: In the Shadow of the Volcano”

ROM Chalk Art

2015 AdClub Out of Home Showdown (Non-Traditional Category)

Supergirl Projections

Mobile projections stimulated Supergirl flying throughout Toronto.

American Ultra Posters

American Ultra Posters

Branded rolling papers were attached to American Ultra posters for people to take.

Corona Day of the Dead Tearaway

Corona Posters

2014 Media Innovation Award: Best In Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Molson Projections

Molson Projections

Participants pushed a button then had to act the projected dare to be rewarded with a cider king can.

Heineken Display Truck

Heineken Display Truck

To promote Heineken, a branded display truck with dancing ambassadors and a DJ parked in front of popular downtown nightclubs.

IKEA Moving Day

Ikea Moving Day

Awards: Bronze Lion – Cannes Media Lions Festival, Silver – Media Innovation Awards, Gold – Atomic and Effie Awards

Volkswagen Canada and Red Urban “Jetta GLI – Art Heist”

Volkswagen Canada Art

2012 MIA Gold: OOH Ambient / Placed Based Media – Large Scale (Traditional)

Corona Projections

Corona Projection

Passersby were invited to sing karaoke while being projected on city walls throughout Canada.

Sapporo Projections

Sapporo Projection

Sensors integrated with projections turned people into a Sumo, Geisha or Samurai then projected them onto city walls.

Doritos Collisions

2008 MIA awards: Best of Show, and Gold MIA’s in OOH and Youth Categories

Sprite Posters

Sprite Posters

Sprite was promoting back to school by attaching free clothing to their posters.

Sculpture Biennale

Sculpture Biennale

Awards: Lotus Awards – BC, Best of Show, Best non-traditional guerilla, 2007 Gold Clio – Innovative Media


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