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Grassroots Advertising has been launching Wildposting®, guerrilla marketing and street advertising campaigns for over 35 years. Our advertising company strives to bring your visions to life.

Guerrilla marketing provides freedom in the business world. Imagine executing a campaign with little to no restrictions, rules and boundaries. Guerrilla marketing utilizes surprise interactions to promote a brand while obtaining maximum exposure and engagement. Guerrilla marketing creates memorable experiences, targets emotions and segues to word of mouth marketing.

Street advertising uses unconventional marketing techniques to endorse products or services on the streets. With street advertising, you can bring your message to everyday people and stand out from their daily routines.

Our advertising strategy is to build and strengthen the connection between consumers and brands. We offer guerrilla marketing and street advertising services across major markets in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Wildposting® in Toronto, NYC, and more are our core outdoor advertising medium and they effectively communicate messages whether you’re promoting an album, event, brand or cause. Our other media options include projections, mobile vehicle advertising, street teams, street frames, chalk art, murals, and backpack billboards.

At Grassroots Advertising, we’ll bring your brand to the streets and create lasting connections.

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