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Who We Are: Grassroots Advertising Guerilla Marketing Products

Grassroots Advertising is in its 35th year of providing guerilla marketing services. Our primary medium – wildposting – the original outdoor medium – is literally thousands of years old. This core product remains as effective as ever – with as many as 400 locations active nationally at any given time.

In recent years Grassroots has leveraged its Guerilla Street Cred into the development of exciting new media options. These include: Projection Media, Interactive Windows, Mobile Billboards, Street Teams, Chalk Art and Stencils.

We can now provide integrated campaigns that combine various media elements to deliver the engagement, measurability and word of mouth effects that are fast becoming the new standards of a successful campaign.

A fine example of our recent work in this area was the award winning Doritos campaign which combined interactive projections with street teams and mobile technology.

“What we have to offer is an exciting fusion of traditional media and technology powerful enough to deliver a relevant message to a mass audience and personal enough that it can be activated by touch – the touch of the consumer. The end result will be a memorable and emotional experience with the product.”

Michael Gillissie, VP Sales & Operations, Grassroots Advertising



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