Forty Feet of Fascination

Don’t hesitate, dominate – Own the street with 40 feet of in-your-face space.40 wildpostings merge to create a Domination that will deliver your brand message with authority and affordability.

wildposting domination

The 40 wildpostings can all be sections of one ginormous image, or you can have 40 creatives that are unrelated to each other. Dominations are the largest wildposting size we offer, and they typically take over an entire board or construction hoarding.

Dominations are impossible to ignore. Since they are such a large space, you can make the elements on it larger as well. Thus, people will be able to see and even read your wildposting from much further distances.

Dominations are extremely successful at creating awareness and recognition since they command the street. We post our Domination Wildpostings in areas with extremely high traffic to ensure maximum exposure. Domination Wildpostings are even seen by the most difficult to reach consumers.

Dominate your city streets and book a campaign with us today.


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