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Add Wild & Style to your City

Mini-Monsters are the next size up from wildposting singles. Four 24” by 36” wildpostings combine to form a Mini-Monster. Final image is a “48 × 72” portrait (the same as a standard TSA).

wildposting mini monster

The four wildpostings can all be portions of one huge image, or you can have four creatives that are unconnected to each other. Multiple Mini-Monsters can also be posted in a row to increase influence and scope.

Mini-Monster Wildpostings (wheatpasting) can be viewed all hours of the day and night for several weeks at a time. Our wildposting boards are also in areas with exceptionally high foot traffic and we constantly maintain them to assure that they remain in pristine condition. Thus, Mini-Monster Wildpostings have a high return on investment since they target large crowds at a low price.

If you’re interested in booking a Mini-Monster Wildposting campaign, then contact us today!


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