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It is paramount that businesses, large and small, invest in advertising. Ultimately, it increases profit through the promotion of products and brands, which generates more sales. This also drives the unit price of your product down. Advertising can bring in new customers and can increase the brand loyalty of already existing customers. Even if you are a new or small company looking to expand your business, advertising is always a profitable investment.

However, a lot of small businesses, in particular, fail to make use of advertising–it is generally a low priority. Unfortunately, this too often leads to unprofitable and unstable businesses that do not see growth over the long term.

There are many inexpensive advertising options that are great for smaller or new businesses with smaller budgets. One such method of advertising is Wildposting® advertising. Wildposting® involves the placement of posters or flyers in trendy and dense urban centers. Wildposting® can take a number of different forms, including tear away posters or tear pads, which are advertisements that are attached to fences, poles, railings or boards and allow people to take a piece of the campaign home.

Other forms that Wildposting®, otherwise known as wheat pasting can take include single images, monster images (which create instant impact), mini monsters, dominations (which include 40 individual posters over 50 feet), tags (they offer prime exposure) and even 3D displays. Wildposting® can be used to promote new products and services, as well as events such as concerts or shopping events.

Benefits of Wildposting® Advertising:

Wildposting® offers a number of benefits to businesses, including the fact that it is a very cost effective way to advertise. It offers a high degree of exposure, which translates into the potential to generate a lot of new customers. Given the fact that Wildposting® advertising is usually placed in high-traffic and strategic locations, the advertisements encourage interaction given the fact that they are so prominent while simultaneously raising brand awareness.

Posters can also be customized to include a QR code that allows people to receive information about an event. This can draw people to your website, which can also provide additional information on other services or products that your business has to offer.

Grassroots Advertising has over three decades of street credibility in both Canada and the United States and is an industry leader in Wildposting® services with award winning displays. Our main product, known as Wildposting®, has consistently created memorable advertisements. Our Wildposting® services include:

  • Traditional Campaigns. Posters (generally two per board) are placed alongside other advertisers. Benefits include cost effectiveness, great exposure, flexibility and quick turnaround.
  • Dedicated Campaigns. Posters are placed on a board owned by a single advertiser. Benefits include the fact that they are target specific, they offer high profile exposure and are cost effective.

Grassroots Advertising can take your advertising campaigns to the next level, making them memorable while creating instant buzz which translates into long-term profit. Our services extend to major Canadian cities and over 25 cities in the United States.


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