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Mobile Vehicle Advertising Solutions

Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Grassroots Advertising Inc. offers a wide range of mobile billboard vehicles and trucks that allow you to showcase your brand wherever and whenever you want. Bring your message or product directly to your target audience, anywhere a road travels.

Mobile Truck Advertising In Canada, USA & Europe

We offer a variety of mobile advertising vehicles – from:

  • Mobile Billboard Trucks (static image).
  • Digital Billboard Trucks (static or motion graphics).
  • Mobile Display Trucks (immersive display trucks that can be staged for interactions and demos).
  • Food Trucks.

Creative mobile billboards are what you would consider the next step in mobile outdoor advertising, as the approach stands out from the pack of stationary mobile displays competing for the attention of your audience. They are most valuable when deployed in high pedestrian and vehicle-traffic cities, where they can deliver tens of thousands of consumer impressions every day.

Billboard Truck Advertising Rates

If you are a brand manager or owner looking for the best information on advertising rates, please contact our sales team here.

Target marketing

With mobile vehicle advertising, you can reach your market and even target your competitors. You can specifically market to your audience segment at precise locations or events, meaning if you have a sports clothing company, your mobile advertisement can ride outside of professional arenas before or after the game while people are entering and exiting, ensuring your brand is being seen by thousands of potential customers, and for a fraction of the cost that billboards or other methods of advertising would require.

Target time-specific campaigns

As a marketer, mobile billboard vehicles allow you to strategically target your campaign to a specific date or time. Backlit mobile displays allow your message to be seen at any time of day.

Covering hard to reach areas

Mobile billboard vehicles are a unique medium that can be used to reach audiences where conventional outdoor advertising has been zoned out. You can effectively place your campaign or brand among your audience where many other media cannot reach.

Create localized mini-events

The dynamic nature of mobile displays with the ability to play produced video/audio makes them ideal for setting the stage at live events. With staged events, you can enhance your display by hiring a street team to interact with the audience and serve as a promotional team for your brand or company.

Greater control over your campaign

You can easily track the movement of vehicles with your ads so you know the areas that have been reached. You can even use real-time data to instruct your driver as the traffic changes, or to stop in a particularly dense area so the ad can be noticed by potential buyers.

Mobile Vehicle Advertising is one of the most effective outdoor advertising solutions. Grassroots Advertising is experienced in handling your mobile advertising needs, and has been providing guerilla advertising services for 30 years. We work closely with you in order to see your campaign through successfully. For more information on our mobile fleet, contact our team today!


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