Street Team Advertising & Sampling

Nothing will ever replace human interaction.

Street Teams are individuals who interact with the public with the sole purpose of promoting a product, service or event.

A huge benefit of street teams is that you can choose the location and timing of the activation based on your target market’s behaviors. We provide street teams any day and time of the week. We can target events, shopping plazas, bars, restaurants, rec centers, etc. Wherever your target market is, our street teams can go.

We offer the following street team services:

Street Sampling

As the name suggests, street sampling is when reps hand out free product samples to passersby. Street sampling presents consumers with the opportunity to trial a product to see if it is suitable for their lifestyle.

Street Sampling is the perfect addition to mobile vehicle advertising campaigns and/or projection campaigns.

Human Billboard Advertising

Human Billboard Advertising is when advertisements are attached to individuals. This incorporates ads applied to clothing, holding signs and/or wearing items such as backpacks. Human Billboards bring your ad directly to your target market and can enter areas other ad forms may not be permitted.

If you want to learn more about this service, then visit our Backpack Billboards Page


You can choose the street teams wardrobe. From formal attire to extravagant costumes to just a plain tshirt, you are the stylist.

Product Demonstration

Last, but not least, our street teams can perform product demonstrations. Demos are when a product is exhibited with the objective of informing potential customers about it so that they will eventually purchase it.

Street Teams are a crucial part of an integrated campaign and provide the insurance you need when engagement is your goal.



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