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Wildposting® is a form of advertising where static posters are placed in a large number on multiple locations, primarily in dense, urban areas, to attract maximum attention. Grassroots Ads offers Wildposting® in our home Toronto as well as Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, and across North America. Wildposting® is an inexpensive form of advertising that offers a high degree of exposure for marketers, especially in the entertainment industry (album releases, concerts, appearances), to drive awareness.

Wildposting® in Toronto, NYC, Los Angeles & More!

Many companies find the poster medium appealing for Wildposting® as it is one of the most effective ways to reach city consumers and enhance your brand credibility. Wildposting® are particularly effective in high pedestrian areas, like most cities.

Wildposting® Formats

There are different forms of Wildposting® advertising, including;

  • Card-stock posters – typically measure 11” x 17” or 18” x 24” and are placed in visible indoor or outdoor locations in specific neighbourhoods, though there are no dedicated or pre-designated locations for Wildposting® placement. These are great for highlighting product releases and for promoting brands and local events.
  • Pull-tab posters – these 8.5’’ x 11” posters feature customer take-one pull-tabs to promote consumer engagement. These posters are mostly places inside cafes, on retail windows, college campuses, public bulletin boards, street poles, or construction sites.
  • Guerilla cling posters – these measure 11” x 15” and are printed on a static electricity charged material that allows them to stick to a number of surfaces without tape, paste, or staples. These postings allow for more creative and targeted placement, plus they can be cut to specific shapes to promote their noticeability and effectiveness.
  • Magnets – these 3” x 4” branded magnets are placed on metal surfaces throughout a target city. Common locations include street poles, storefront gates, car driver doors, newspaper kiosks, and building entrance ways. This Wildposting® format is distinct in its effectiveness since consumers carry the magnets for personal use in their offices, apartments, or dorms.
  • Dedicated/permitted wheatpaste posters – 24” x 36” thin paper posters adhered via wheatpaste to multiple surfaces, such as wallscapes, storefronts, and construction sites, provided you have permission from the property owners. Since they’re specific, they highlight a single brand advertising campaign with about 18 to 32 posters in each location with varied Wildposting® designs.

The posters can be adhered to a number of places in high traffic areas, including building facades, barricades, alleyways, assorted buildings, skate parks, near school yards, outdoor shopping centres, etc.

Wildposting® (Wheatpasting) categories

There are two primary categories of Wildposting®, namely:

  1. Traditional campaigns
    Here, the Wildposting® are placed on a series of boards or barricades shared with one or more other advertisers, with at least two posters per board. Many advertisers prefer traditional barricade Wildposting® because of its cost effectiveness, flexibility, tremendous coverage, and fast turnaround.
  2. Dedicated campaigns
    The postings are made only on the boards that are dedicated to that single advertiser. In other words, the advertiser owns those boards for the agreed upon duration. Dedicated campaigns are also very popular because of their high profile, target specificity, and cost effectiveness.

Why Wildposting®?

Wildposting® are one of the few forms of media that encourage consumers to directly interact with the media by taking the display. This level of engagement allows the message to be seen in a wider area, including homes, garages, basements, parties, and dorm rooms, among others, while also cultivating a sense of brand loyalty via the message.

Wildposting® Formats:

Off the Wall

From 3d displays to takeaways – Grassroots is all about realizing your creative concepts and we are always ready to brainstorm with you!

Award Winning Campaigns

Here are some examples of our award winning executions.

IKEA Moving Day
IKEA Moving Day

Bronze Lion: Cannes Media Lions Festival Silver – Media Innovation Awards Gold – Atomic and Effie Awards...

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Volkswagen Canada and Red Urban “Jetta GLI – Art Heist”
Volkswagen Canada and Red Urban “Jetta GLI – Art Heist”

2012 MIA Gold: OOH Ambient / Placed Based Media – Large Scale (Traditional)...

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Corona: Day of the Dead Tearaway
Corona: Day of the Dead Tearaway

2014 Media Innovation Award: Best In Fast Moving Consumer Goods Tear pads (25 posters per pad) posted overtop...

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Sculpture Biennale (2006)
Sculpture Biennale (2006)

Lotus Awards - BC, Best of Show, Best non-traditional guerilla, 2007 Gold Clio – Innovative Media...

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Doritos Collisions
Doritos Collisions

2008 MIA awards: Best of Show, and Gold MIA's in OOH and Youth Categories...

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