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Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing does just that: create a real-time experience for current or potential to effectively communicate a message about your company or brand. This memorable form of marketing combines innovative technologies with techniques for engaging your target audience. With experiential marketing, the consumer can directly interact with a product. Typically, experiential marketing takes place in the public sphere, however you can also run an experiential marketing campaign online using mobile and digital tools to engage potential customers – and you can even create a viral experience that generates exposure around your brand or message.

Whether you’re placing your product in a setting where the customer is sure to use it, creating an interactive online experience or using a street team or event to showcase your business, experiential marketing is an out of the box approach to help you achieve success in your industry.

When current and potential customers directly interact with your products or services, they are more likely to develop a relationship with your brand, leading to increased sales and recognition. Our experiential marketing include street teams, intercept surveys and sampling, stunts and prop fabrication and more, all of which help you to reach your customer base in a personal way.

Our street teams could be in the form of human billboards or costumes. These brand ambassadors go wherever your customers are to demo your products or services, such as on university or college campuses, at events on the street and more. Experiential marketing allows you to generate exposure and buzz about your business in a creative and innovative way.

What we offer

Grassroots Marketing has been creating guerilla marketing for 30 years. Our experiential marketing offers you a way to connect with your audience directly in a creative way that can’t be ignored. Whether you’re looking to create buzz around a new product or service, boost your recognition, drive traffic in-store or online, or through social channels, we can help you be successful with our experiential marketing.

We’ve developed street credibility across Canada and the U.S. with our experiential marketing efforts, and our design team is experienced in turning ideas into powerful marketing campaigns that grab the attention of your target audience.

Our services are effective and combine traditional methods with modern technology and techniques.
Our marketing and marketing are an investment in your company, and help provide you with the competitive edge you need in your industry to grow your profits and reach a broader customer base. We create memorable experiential marketing campaigns and help your message stand out with modern and effective tools and technology.

We are an award-winning guerilla marketing company and have experience dealing with a variety of businesses to deliver results. Our are interactive and innovative, and our recognition across the industry make us the best choice for your experiential marketing needs.

Grassroots Marketing human billboard can help create buzz around your brand and boost your profits with our experiential marketing. Contact us today to learn more.


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